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Mamba Technologies

Mamba Technologies consists of 8 technical teams equipped to install and maintain state of the art alarm systems in any application. They receive training on a continuous basis enabling them to install and maintain all types of systems. We have a variety of the latest alarm equipment to suit your security requirements. Both the Control Centre as well as the Sales Department have their own exclusive technical teams dedicated to the departments requirements. Mamba Technical has a large consignment warehouse, enabling us to assist with almost any need without delay.

We Specialize In

  • Security Risk Assessments

  • Alarm Installations:

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Retail

  • Industrial

  • Complexes

  • Alarm Maintenance

  • Perimeter Protection

  • Indoor Protection


  • Unlimited field of view

  • Eliminate the human element

  • 90 000 patrols per hour

  • Technology does not sleep

  • Technology gets numberplates, time & date, photographs of occupants

  • Uses WiFi & transmits in real time

  • Night vision, better than the human eye

SNIPR Eye in the Sky

  • Licence plate recognition technology
  • Linked to E-NATIS and SAPS database
  • Flagged number plates are linked to crime
  • Incidents that have taken place
  • Watch lists are created in the database
  • Camera has analytics abilities
  • The system is live, allowing for proactive
  • crime prevention
  • Networked through Gauteng
  • Power back ups
  • Backed up my Mamba technical support
  • Arms / disarms any alarm system connected – Dynamic and secure display, will only change
  • state when the opening or closing event is delivered
  • Control multiple sites & partitions – All sites and partitions can be customised to clients
  • description
  • All actions are recorded in Atlas web portal – Control garage doors, gates and lighting
  • CCTV – Live view

Offsite Monitoring

Red Bin Brigade

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