Stolen Vehicle Recovered

Mamba received a call from a client in the Avenues. They witnessed an armed robbery in progress.

Herbert (call sign Bravo 1) and Tsepho (call sign Bravo 2) and Senior Supervisor Innocent responded within two minutes. Shortly thereafter Tania (a.k.a Wonder Woman) arrived and assessed the situation, she immediately made contact with the vehicle’s tracking company to activate it’s tracking device.

Wonder Woman also contacted the Mamba Control Centre to load the details into the LPR Snipr system, making sure to use every resource and intelligence available for a speedy recovery.

Thanks to the Mamba Special Ops teams speedy response and Wonder Woman’s quick thinking, the vehicle was recovered in Alexandra Township within 26 minutes.

The victims were traumatised and counselling was arranged for them.

Well done to all involved.

If you see any suspicious behaviour, do not hesitate to report it to the Mamba Control Centre on
011 609 0227.

Head-Office: 011 609 0237