Two Trespassing Suspects Arrested!

This afternoon a client sent a message to our Edenvale Avenues WhatsApp group requesting armed response. Three suspects derailed his gate with a pick axe, entered his premises and attempted to steal his cameras.

Ashley (a.k.a The Flash)responded in under a minute. Upon arrival the reaction officers found three suspects with their vehicle reversed in the driveway. The Flash apprehended the driver.

The two remaining suspects then jumped into a neighbouring property to attempt to flee whilst The Flash called for backup. Senior supervisor Lovemore arrived with Reaction officers Joseph and Masilo as backup and searched the neighbours property, where they found one suspect under a chair and the third suspect attempting to jump over the wall.

The remaining two suspects were then apprehended.

Well done to all involved and to the community member that alerted our tribe.

If you see any suspicious behaviour, do not hesitate to report it on 011 609 0227.